Another shipping exec jailed for fraud in Singapore

Another shipping exec jailed for fraud in Singapore

Singapore: Kwok Han Ying, a former crewing executive for Vermont UM Shipping, was today sentenced to 32 months in jail for multiple offences including criminal breach of trust, forgery and cheating.

Kwok misappropriated more than S$230,000 using a variety of methods from 2012 to 2013.

Her schemes included telling her then employer that staff had clocked shifts they had not done, and taking out loans in employees’ names.

After calculating the monthly salary due to workers and getting approval, she would cash a cheque and pocket the money.

Kwok’s deception was revealed when she called police one day to report that she had been robbed of S$34,000 meant for workers’ salaries. Under further questioning, she broke down and admitted the fraud.

Kwok pleaded guilty to eight of 58 charges. She has paid S$1,850 in restitution to her former employer. [31/10/14]



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