Calls to improve the lives of Vietnamese seafarers

Calls to improve the lives of Vietnamese seafarers

Hanoi: Hanoi must do more to make a career at sea an attractive job proposition, local shipowners have urged, amid plenty of horror stories of stranded, starving crew from bankrupt Vietnamese shipping lines.

While many countries have created special incentives on healthcare, social welfare and preferential taxes for crewmembers, the Vietnamese Shipowners’ Association Vietnam had paid little attention to this issue, he said.

Calls to cut income tax have been made, while also demanding that crews be provided food onboard free of charge; currently they have to contribute 30% of the food bill. Also, to bring the nation’s seafarers up to international norms, annual leave should be a minimum of 30 days.

The Vietnam Maritime Administration has said it will look at all these issues and make some proposals to the government.  [01/09/14]