Mounting fines for goods clearance at Myanmar ports

Mounting fines for goods clearance at Myanmar ports

Singapore: Owners of containers, vehicles, heavy machinery and other goods kept at Myanmar’s ports will face increased fines next year if they fail to remove their goods in time.

The new fines scheme aims to conserve storage space capacity at the country’s ports, and prevent cargo owners from using ports as ‘warehouses’ for goods.

Myanmar Port Authority has already informed shipping lines, box operators, non-vessel operating common carriers that the delay fine rate would be raised starting on January 1, 2015.

Cargo owners who clear their containers within seven days following the arrival at the port will not face a delay fine.

As of next year, the delay fine rate for containers will be $2 per day when goods stay at the port between eight and 60 days. For 61 days to 180 days, it will be doubled to $4 per day. From 181 days to 365 days, the daily rate will be $6.

Owners of vehicles and machinery will not face delay fines if they clear the goods within three days of arrival at the port, but face a similar sliding scale of charges if goods are left there any longer. [5/11/14]