RCCL gets involved in giant Malacca cruise facility

Kuala Lumpur: Cruise giant Royal Caribbean is one of the investors in a 246-hectare Melaka Gateway project that aims to build a brand new cruise terminal, theme park, seven-star hotel and the Malaysia Eye in Malacca, Malaysia. Spread over three islands the whole project is worth around $12bn. It will be fully complete by 2025.

The Melaka International Cruise Terminal and Ferry Terminal will be able to accommodate up to three cruise ships, a world-class maintenance and repair facility for mega yachts and the region’s largest marina with up to 1,000 berths.

The Gateway Beacon Tower, a 288 m tower with over 80 storeys, will be home to a seven-star hotel and premium condominiums. Marina villas with individual berths right at the resident’s doorstep will also be available.  [10/02/14]